Week 3 - Audio Recording


In this week we will be learning on how to record clean and clear audio using your cellphone and how to post it online. Audio can be another form of communication that is as effective as pictures and video. It allows a person to visualize what is being said and build pictures in her/his own mind, in other words, it puts a person’s imagination to work thereby drawing a person into issues being discussed.

Knowing how your cellphone, microphones [and recorders if you have] work is essential to getting good audio. The better you know your equipment, the more easily you can continue recording when something unexpected happens on location.
This means knowing where and how to position your cellphone when recording.

Tips on recording using your cellphone

  • Put your phone in Airplane Mode to avoid distractions. Nothing is more distracting than an instant messaging conversation intruding upon your recording, with shrill notifications making the main subject ineligible. So before you hit that record button, make sure you strip your phone or tablet from the ability to intrude, switch it to airplane mode.
  • Take Note Of Your Surroundings/ Environment. It’s easy to overlook those little sounds that are all around you.  You get used to recurring and environmental sounds even after being only a minute in a room. Before you start recording, take a moment to look at (and listen to) your surroundings. Better yet, take a short recording to sample the sound before the actual recording.
  • If you’re interviewing someone, or recording a meeting, put something soft underneath your phone to lessen the sound of mouse-clicks, elbowing and water glasses that are put down.
  • Plug In An External Microphone You can purchase an external microphone to plug into your smartphone or tablet, and increase the audio quality. Not only do you get more clarity, microphones with sensitivity control give you the flexibility to make great recordings in quiet or chaotic places.



It is an audio social sound platform where anyone can listen to or create sounds and share them everywhere. It allows one to record and upload sound and easily share them on all your social networks. The audio you record using your cellphone can be uploaded on this platform and enables you to easily share the link on your different social media sites. All you need to do is to create a Soundcloud account using your Google or Facebook account and you are good to go!
Click here to see how you can upload  audio on Soundcloud

WeekTopicTaskExpected Outcome
3 Recording audio to post on your page Use your cellphone to record audio. (Handout will be shared on how to get perfect audio from a cellphone) The audio should be 5 mins maxi
Only record relevant information
Using audio to convey information
3 Uploading Audio online using soundcloud Upload your recorded audio to soundcloud Using Souncloud to upload and share audio clips

Social Media Tool Kit: A Guide to Effective Use for Development

You can also go through our Social Media Training Guide for civil society, activists and other development players.

It will go a long way in assisting organisations in their programming, especially around digital advocacy and digital security issues. Social media has greatly changed the media environment by allowing spontaneous and timeous dissemination of information, granting people voices to expresses themselves, share views, opinions, pictures and connect regardless of geographical areas, unlike the traditional media, where communication is a one-way thing.

Social Media Training fo activists

Read the Guide . . .

If you require more training email – info@o4z.org.zw

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