Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD)

Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) is a youth oriented registered community organisation which was formed by a group of former student activists striving on promoting informed and positive participation of the generality of the youths and also reintegrating the minority youth victims of political violence into the mainstream society.

The organisation is based in Masvingo and operates in seven district of the province. Its formation was inspired by need to respect human rights and the desire to have Zimbabwe youth participating in the build up to sustainable justice, freedom, peace and development, a country that values democracy, rule of law and the security of all persons.

COTRAD targets youths aged 16 to 35 years as defined by the African Charter and the Zimbabwean constitution. At inception the focus of the organisation was on developing programs that deal with operational and structural issues affecting the youth and advocating for youth participation in national and community development. The three main thematic areas that it pursued were Education and Training, Health Promotion and Environment Management.

Riding on the vision to see a democratic society with youth inclusion and participation, the organisation’s main objective is to strengthen the capacity of young people in peace building, conflicts prevention and conflicts resolution through the promotion of inter cultural leaning, civic education tolerance, human rights education and democracy, mutual respect for the responsibility, solidarity and international cooperation.

The organisation also thrives at mobilizing youths for the reconstruction of areas devastated by political violence, assisting political victims and promoting peace, tolerance and reconciliation across political divide. Since inception the organisation have been working with like-minded organisations in the province, country and region to promote youth participation, human rights and good governance.

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