Nyahunure Community Trust (NCT

Nyahunure Community Trust (NCT) is a registered community organization based in Mutoko and operates in the whole of Mashonaland East province. Its main thrust to enhance human security through ensuring that gender equality and human rights are integrated into key policies, programs and activities that address conflict, gender based violence and HIV/AIDS at community level thereby creating an enabling environment for women and youths youths to meaningfully participate in socio-political and economic development of their society.

NCT believes in a holistic approach for meaningful change and sustainable transformation hence its programming is centred around promoting gender equality and women and girls’ access to community resources, health services, education which subsequently lead to their improved lives. Also as part of its programming NCT seeks to encourage young people to meaningfully participate in the social, political and economic development of their community.

Over the years, the organisation has valued gender and been working tirelessly towards bridging the inequality between men and women. Through the Nyahunure Gender Empowerment, men and women work together to make an analysis and challenge norms and attitudes that make the other group vulnerable.

However, the vulnerability of women cannot be eradicated or reduced by one method but a combination of methods, thus, educating the child became the organisation’s top priority. This was combined with economic activities and other programs in order to address the key issues affecting women. The organisation working with other four organisations and with the support from Diakonia managed to localise UNSCR1325 and engage the security sector and key stakeholders through the project ‘Women as a Strategic Peace Builder of Zimbabwe’. The main objective of the project was to promote increased participation of women in all aspects of post conflict development and increase their role in peace building.

NCT targets boys, girls, women and men of all ages, political and traditional leaders with the security, and the organisation has adapted a holistic approach in which the above are collectively engaged to increase women’s participation in peace building. Through the project peace committees have been trained and a district peace initiative operating as the gender forum was established. The organisation works with other strategic service providers and local leaders to strengthen counselling gender based violence response mechanisms for Mutoko district.

The organisation has also established career guidance and gender clubs for girls and young women. Gender based violence is being fought with a mixture of methods and targeting vulnerable groups like apostolic sects, women and the young generation. With positive male involvement as they are part of the problem and solution to end GBV. Strengthening referral pathways

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