Jekesa Pfungwa Vulingqondo (JPV)

Jekesa Pfungwa Vulingqondo (JPV) is an indigenous Zimbabwean non-governmental organisation, working with women groups at grassroots level, for the mobilization and development of women in rural and poor peri-urban areas.

Though its history dates back to 1947, the organisation has evolved over the years and its primary focus has remained being working with marginalized women. Jekesa Pfungwa Vulingqondo operates in all provinces of Zimbabwe with around 300 groups who are members of the organization thereby involving about 5 000+/_ members with women forming a 90% membership and men 10 %. The organization implements various development programmes in 16 districts in Zimbabwe.

The activities of the organization and of the women groups focus on self-reliance for women and their families and on sustainability. Through these group activities, women can meet their own needs and their family’s needs, realise and implement their rights, find support and companionship, gain knowledge, learn skills and increase their self-confidence. Jekesa Pfungwa Vulingqondo cooperates with other like-minded groups and organizations at local, regional and national levels.

The operations of JPV are mandated and guided by its vision, mission and objectives.

The focus of JPV is to cover a broad array of the desires and the needs of its members. Many innovative, good and best practises are part of JPV’s initiatives JPV through its networks has been engaging potential markets for the wares and products produced by its members in their various economic activities and projects. JPV programs focus on the socio-economic empowerment of not only women, but youths as well. The programs intend to address the social injustices faced by women. Programs allow women and youths to have an active voice in local government and development processes and communities to take an initiative in development processes in their communities.

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