Institute for Community Development in Zimbabwe (ICODZim)

Institute for Community Development in Zimbabwe (ICODZim) is a women lead organization aimed at ending poverty for rural, commercial mine and farm people (with disability, women and children). The organization target women with disabilities, aged, young, orphans, vulnerable children and teenagers in the rural, mine and farming communities in Zimbabwe.

ICODZim is currently focusing on communities in Masvingo Province and Southern Midlands Province covering Mberengwa and Zvishavane to improve alternative sources of income by addressing social economic factors that has increased women poverty in these communities. Through a number of activities the organization has undertaken so far, there has been a deliberate attempt to address gender inequalities in commercial farm communities. ICODZim is working towards ensuring the rural commercial farm and mine women marginalized and vulnerable affected by, poverty, disease, discrimination, tortured have access to best health care, fundamental human rights education, fight and prevent drug abuse and illicit trafficking among the youth, access to safe and clean water, sanitation, adequate shelter, right to food .

The organization was formed in response to the food crises, ailing economy and the Elnino effects (climate change) which primarily affected people with disabilities, women and children. The needs assessment recommended that an organization should be established immediately to provide training oversight and think tanking women and children related interest to climate change implications, child protection and environmental sustainability. One of the most important insights emerging from the research was that the causes of food insecurity and famine were not so much failures in food production but structural problems relating to poverty, and to the fact that the majority of the developing world's poor populations were concentrated in rural areas. ICOD Zimbabwe is dedicated to eradicating rural poverty in Zimbabwe and achieve a just society for all.

Among other things the following are ICODZim’s area of focus, child justice mainstreaming of people with disability in the society, education and life skills and economic development 

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