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Commentary: War Vets are Humans Too… with Inalienable Human Rights.

The news of the past week was apparently dominated by the arrest and court appearances of leaders of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA). It all started with the damning communique that is alleged to have been authored and released by the war veterans after their meeting on Thursday 21 July, in which the veterans lashed out at their patron and leader of Zanu PF, urging him to step down and indicating that they were withdrawing their support for him.

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Why Young people are fragmented in confronting Zimbabwe political and economic woes

Zimbabwe has endured one of its darkest decades since the attainment of our independence in 1980. Political instability and economic demise has left youths vulnerable to many negative tendencies attributed to those in political, religious and economic power circles. The Zimbabwean situation has exposed young people and left them as tools for dominance, power and influence by those in power.

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As has become the norm, Zimbabweans again took to the streets to protest against the impending issuing of Bond Notes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to ease the cash crisis currently bedeviling the economy and country at large. Again, as has become the norm, theanti- riot police violently stopped these protests, attacking all and sundry, including the international journalists covering the protests

Zimbabweans really love social media, and again used the medium, especially Twitter to vent their frustrations at the issuing of bond notes and the reaction of the anti riot police, in this story, we cover the general feeling of Zimbabweans on Twitter, normally called Twimbos, on the issue of bond notes and the protests, find out what Twimbos had to say here

​​Podcast - Public views on War veterans Arrests and Represantation by Lawyers for Human Rights
Listen here on what Zimbabweans think of the war veterans arrests, and the fact that they got representation from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), an organisation they have fought against its very own existence in the past. This podcast has young people giving their views to these developments.


Opportunities - Resources

From 13-15 July 2016, the African Community of Practice held the Third Africa for Results Forum on domestic resource mobilization in Africa. We’d like to invite you to read the Communiqué from the Forum to learn more about the commitments and perspectives that arose from the Forum. You can download it at the following link:

Opportunities - Discussions

  • “The role of Gender Responsive National Evaluation Systems/Policies”: Click here

  • “Achieving the Agenda 2063: Capacity imperatives to close the gender equality gap - from laws and policies to adequate national action plans and investments” Join Here

Opportunities - Vacancies
The Niger Ministry of Economy and Finance is recruiting an International Expert (in social economics) and 6 national experts(in macroeconomics, statistics, social sector, rural development and climate change, infrastructure, and law) to conduct the final evaluation of the Niger Socio-Economic Development Plan (PDES 2012-2015). The deadline to submit an application is August 4, 2016. You can find more information at this link

The African Capacity Building Foundation is recruiting a Senior Communication Officer to join its team. You can find the vacancy details at the following link: The deadline to submit your application is 07 August 2016.

Call For Applications: 7th Batch AU-YVC Recruitment
The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC), established in 2010, is a continental development program that promotes youth volunteerism in Africa. The program aims to deepen the status of young people in Africa as key actors in Africa’s development targets and goals, enhancing their participation in policy development as well as design and implementation of relevant interventions towards the AU Vision of ‘the Africa we want’. Apply Here

Knowledge for Development Without Borders (KFDWB) is organizing from 8-10 September 2016 in Burkina Faso a free ICT Basic Vocational Training. You can find more information on how to participate on this link:

Opportunities - Scholarships
The John Dillon Memorial Fellowship was established by ACIAR in recognition of Professor John L. Dillon’s life-long support for international agricultural research. The Fellowship aims to develop leadership skills in the areas of agricultural research management, agricultural policy and/or extension technologies. This is achieved by providing exposure to Australian agriculture across a range of best-practice organisations involved in research, extension and/or policy making. Find out more here

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