Gango 06 Oct 2016

Simba Chikore, the First son-in-law, ow second in charge @AirZim, what do the people have to say, plus scholarships and vacancies inside
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World Teachers Day must be a wakeup call for both the employer and employee

The World Teachers’ Day is a time when the world educationists are supposed to leave classroom environment and gather to reflect and cherish the results of their sweat. This can be through achievements made through their students (there is nothing that brings joy to a teacher than seeing your students making it in life. However, teachers also have a life they must celebrate as well.

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From the Streets to the Courts – In Search of a Better Zimbabwe

It is generally agreed that despite the assertions by some to the contrary, things are not getting better in our beloved Zimbabwe. Our biggest let down continues to be the economy, whose continued free-fall is fuelling a steady but sure decline in many facets of life, whichever way you look at it. As the citizens have borne the brunt of the deterioration in their subsisting conditions, many have resorted to the historically tried and tested method of raising the red flag of dissatisfaction and discontent – demonstrations.

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PODCAST: World Teacher's Day Celebrations

Every year, the world celebrates World Teacher's Day on the 5th of October acknowledging the role they play in the lives of people. This year the celebrations where being held under the theme "Valuing Teacher, Improving Their Status". Organizing for Zimbabwe asked people to share their thoughts on this day, here is what they had to say:

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world teachers day

Rural Teachers to Boycott Government World Teachers Day Commemorations

On 5 October the world commemorates World Teachers Day under theme “Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status”.

These are the first commemorations under the Global Education 2030 Agenda. Teachers are key to the realization of Sustainable Development goal number four.

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Towards a Turnaround @AirZim: The People Speak

The appointment of Simba Chikore (who is also President Mugabe's son-in law) as Air Zimbabwe's Chief Operations Officer has attracted mixed reactions from members of public who questioned whether the appointment was based on merit or not. Will he bring turnaround to the ailing airline or not?


Protests, whether peaceful or otherwise, have been in existence for a long time in one form or another. The underlying factor or main reason for protests are the desires of an individual or group that feels the need to change to improve the current condition of the resisting person or group; be it political, social or economic.

According to Snow et al. (2004) a protest is a form of collective action and of social movement participation at the same time. Wright et al (1990) proposed a framework which categorizes protests based on three distinctions: the first between inaction and action, the second between actions directed at improving one’s personal conditions (individual action) and actions directed at improving the conditions of one’s group (collective action) and thirdly; the distinction between actions that conform to the norms of the existing social system (normative action like petitioning and taking part in a demonstration) and those that violate existing social rules (non-normative action like illegal protests and civil disobedience).

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How Can Africa Produce Graduates Fit for Future?

A recent World Bank report[1] estimates that as many as 11 million young people in Sub-Saharan Africa will be joining the job market every year for the next decade, and the risks associated with growing numbers of urban youth without meaningful occupation are high.

In Ghana, an estimated 71,000 graduates enter the job market every year. There is high pressure and expectation for the education system to deliver the skilled technicians, thinkers and entrepreneurs who will push Africa’s development forward. The pressure of expansion while maintaining quality and achieving equity across a diverse cultural and economic landscape creates obstacles that the education system nevertheless aims to overcome.

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VIDEO: The Story of Unemployed Graduates in Zimbabwe

Thousands of students are graduating in Zimbabwe every year. Nevertheless, the country's unemployment rate is estimated at more than 90 percent and the majority of graduates from tertiary institutions are struggling to find jobs. Here is a video that shows the plight of educated jobless Zimbabwean youths:

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unemployment in zimbabwe


Vacancy: Human Resources Business Partner, Zimbabwe
At country level, the Human Resources Business Partner works as part of the Senior Management Team to provide a professional, business focussed organisational development and human resource management in, delivering a proactive and solutions-based approach for resolving issues and ensuring that staff are effectively resourced, managed and developed to deliver organisational strategy. At Regional level, the role functions as a member of the Southern Africa regional HR team...
The Martin Ennals Award is a annual prize for human rights defenders. Finalists and the laureate are selected by a Jury of 10 of the world's leading human rights NGOs. The Award provides protection and support to human rights defenders who are at risk. Find Out More Here
Australia Awards Scholarships for African Students, 2017
Australian Government
Application Deadline: 15 December 2016
Apply Now
Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in Australia, 2017
Swinburne University, Australia
Application Deadline: Applications are open
Apply Now
City of Chicago Scholarship in USA, 2017
Application Deadline: 14-October-2016
Apply Now
2017 PhD Scholarship in Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Denmark
Technical University of Denmark (DTU ), Denmark
Application Deadline: 9 October 2016
Apply Now
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Innovation Studies at University of Oslo in Norway, 2017
University of Oslo, Norway
Application Deadline: 16 October 2016
Apply Now

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with Michigan State University to provide full tuition scholarships to undergraduate and Master’s degree students from sub-Saharan Africa.

The Scholars Program is a 10-year, US $500 million initiative that will enable 15,000 academically talented students from economically disadvantaged communities (mostly in sub-Saharan Africa) to attend secondary school and/or university. Apply here

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