VIDEO: Challenges to Youth Participation: The Story of the Street Child

Homeless, always by street corners begging for food, money and other valuables, the life of young people living on the streets is a nightmare.Futureless their life is, these young people have earned all sorts of names from members of the public. Abuse of all kinds from the police, contempt by members of the public hunger among other problems is what keep them going……… They find solace in illicit drugs…….. and sometimes unsafe sex.

Their wish is to get national identity documents…. Participate in the elections and led a normal life like anyone else…….but they can’t afford the expenses associated with such processes.These children like anyone else have rights and the government through the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare should ensure that those rights are protected as enshrined in sections 19 and 81 of the Zimbabwean constitution

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